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About Leopard Catamarans Brokerage

Leopard Brokerage

Leopard Brokerage is the number one source for buying and selling pre-owned Leopard Catamarans worldwide. Listing with Leopard Brokerage provides sellers with access to the international market for catamaran sales. Additionally, buyers can view our inventory of used Leopard Catamarans and select other catamarans all around the world. This international presence, along with our worldwide network of service facilities, helps us provide exceptional service to both buyers and sellers.

Our Agents
Our brokers have been selling Leopard catamarans since the brand was born in the 1990s. With their vast experience and acute understanding of the market, they can provide an accurate valuation of your boat or a boat your are interested in purchasing. In addition, they can help you navigate through the intricacies of the used boat buying process, especially when it comes to international purchases that can sometimes be required due to the historically small supply of used Leopard catamarans on the market.

The administrative team at Leopard Brokerage assists with escrow, title search, document creation, and referrals to documentation agents, surveyors, financing companies, and more.

In Good Hands
Leopard Catamarans Brokerage is backed by parent company Travelopia, publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. To view all yacht ownership solutions offered by the company’s marine industry brands, visit

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